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Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in every woman’s life. Everything gets worth it at the end when you hold your child for the first time. To ensure utmost care during pregnancy and childbirth, it is best to finalize a maternity hospital that provides maximum services under one roof.

If you are pregnant, you along with your family need to know what a maternity hospital is and what facilities are provided here. Here’s all the knowledge you need to know beforehand.

Everything You Need To Know About Gynaecology Pregnancy Care

What is a Maternity hospital?

A maternity hospital is a facility that focuses on women’s health during pregnancy and childbirth. While you are pregnant, a special team of experts takes care of your health to ensure you and your baby are healthy. Similarly, a maternity hospital also provides all the healthcare services during childbirth and utmost care to your infant.

Why do you need a Maternity hospital?

The maternity hospital you choose has a significant impact on your delivery experience. It’s encouraging to know that your hospital has a high reputation, knowledgeable staff, and innovative technology for providing specialized care. Besides essential specialty treatments, search for a hospital with a specialized ambulance service and fully working facilities like a NICU, blood bank, pharmacy, and testing lab.

Today, healthcare systems are continually changing and improving, allowing for modern services and medical care. At ONP Hospitals, we’ve put together a list of important elements to consider when choosing a maternity hospital or nursing home.

  • A neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)

If your baby is premature or sick after birth, she may require particular medical attention. A neonatal critical care unit should be available at the hospital to manage such emergencies (NICU). Ventilators, incubators, feeding tubes, phototherapy lights, respiratory monitors, heart monitors, and other specialized medical equipment should be available in the NICU. In the neonatal intensive care unit, babies require regular monitoring and 24-hour care from various healthcare providers. Please keep in mind that not all NICUs are similar.

  • Blood bank

It is critical to have access to a blood bank. You may require a blood transfusion if you bleed significantly after giving delivery. It’s a good idea to have some blood donors in contact just in case. Keep in mind that many maternity and nursing homes do not have a blood bank on site.

  • Laboratory services

Having an authorized in-house lab can aid with quick tests and reporting. This is beneficial to both patients and doctors, especially when a quick diagnosis is required.

  • Pharmacy

If you need prescription medication, a well-stocked pharmacy on the hospital grounds will save you the trouble of running about. Toiletries and baby care goods are also available in most in-hospital pharmacies.

  • Hygiene and healthcare procedures in hospitals

The cleanliness of the facility, employees, equipment, rooms, corridors, waiting area and restrooms can all be used to assess the quality of a hospital or nursing home. To avoid the spread of illnesses, strict commitment to hygiene and healthcare standards is essential. So, if you go on a tour of a nursing home or hospital, keep an eye out for these things.

  • A dedicated ambulance service that is available 24 by 7

It’s preferable to choose a hospital or nursing home with its ambulance service. If issues arise during labor, you may need to be transported to a hospital with more resources. Having an ambulance on standby can make the transfer go more smoothly. Some hospitals provide specialized transportation for critical care patients and neonatal baby deliveries.

  • Power backup system in the event of a power outage

Because power outages are common, be sure your maternity hospital has a complete power backup system. Lifts, lights, air conditioning, and fans aren’t the only things that won’t work if the power goes out. Critical care equipment, incubators, and ventilators all require a constant source of electricity. Even a few seconds of delay can be deadly if these quit operating. Also, a power outage can disrupt refrigeration, sterilization technology, communications, and access to electronic medical records and data.

Hence, if you decide to finalize a maternity hospital, take care of the above things. At ONP Hospitals, you don’t have to worry about such things. We make sure that everything is well maintained and taken care of so you don’t have to hustle for such requirements.

Maternity treatment is available in many hospitals. All-inclusive rooms are available where moms can give birth, nurse their newborns, and recover for a day or two after the delivery. Other hospitals deliver babies in operating rooms and nurse them in pediatric specialty rooms. 

Hospitals have neonatal critical care units for newborns born prematurely or with other serious medical problems. As a result, emergencies are handled with the utmost care and the most cutting-edge remedies accessible.

    Pregnancy health problems and complications

    Complications of pregnancy are medical concerns that emerge during the period of pregnancy. They can be adverse to the mother and the little one. Some women have health problems that arise during pregnancy, while some have problems that could cause worry until they get pregnant.

    The following are some of the most frequent maternal health issues or concerns that a woman may have throughout her pregnancy:

    • Anemia

    It is a condition in which the number of healthy red blood cells is lower than usual. Anemia caused by pregnancy can make women feel weary and weak.

    Treatment – Taking iron and folic acid pills can assist with this. Your doctor will monitor your iron levels during your pregnancy.


    • Infection of the Urinary Tract (UTI)

    Infection of the Urinary Tract (UTI) is a bacterial infection of the urinary tract. When you use the restroom, you may have pain or a burning sensation, as well as a strong desire to use the loo frequently.

    Treatment – Antibiotics will cure the illness and make you feel better in a day or two. If this is the case, your health care provider will probably test your urine early in pregnancy and treat you with antibiotics if necessary.


    • Depression problems 

    A sad and low mood, irregular sleep schedule, stress are all symptoms of depression. 

    Treatment – If you have a history of depression, it’s crucial to talk to your doctor early in your pregnancy about it to provide safer medications to both mother and baby.


    • Other preventive measures should include

    Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, any family history of miscarriage, morning sickness. If you have any concerns during your pregnancy, always contact your doctor.

    Symptoms and difficulties associated with pregnancy can range from minor irritations to major, perhaps severe, disorders. 

    It’s pretty difficult for a lady to distinguish between typical and non-typical symptoms. During pregnancy, physical and mental illnesses that affect the mother’s or the baby’s health might occur. These issues may be because of pregnancy. 

    Many problems are minor and do not progress, but rarely they can be critical to the mother and her kid. It’s important to remember that there are solutions for dealing with problems that develop during pregnancy. Always contact your doctor/maternity care provider if you have any concerns during your pregnancy.

      Why choose Gautam hospitals?

      Gautam facility is the top maternity hospital in Rudrapur. Our expert doctors treat patients with respect and dignity. Our gynecology and obstetric department are fully equipped with modern equipment and technologies. 

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      If you are pregnant and looking for a maternity hospital, you can always count on us. We understand the emotional and medical aspects related to pregnancy and therefore, put our hearts into everything we do.